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Why You Need Wedding Insurance

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important and memorable events in a person's life. It's a day filled with love, laughter, and joy, as well as a significant financial investment. With the average wedding costing tens of thousands of dollars, it's essential to protect your investment and ensure that your special day goes off without a hitch. That's where wedding insurance comes in.

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Since That Spark Events was established in 2016, the wedding industry as we know it has been rocked by a number of unexpected happenings. I have seen venue fires, hurricanes, destroyed wedding gowns, no show vendors, and even a global pandemic. Wedding insurance is a necessity because even though you don't hope for the worst, you should definitely prepare for it. Here are the top reasons why you need wedding insurance and how it can provide peace of mind for your big day.

What Does it Cover?

There are 2 kinds of wedding insurance: General Liability Insurance and Cancellation Insurance

General liability

Wedding insurance can provide liability coverage. This protection is essential if someone gets injured at your event or if property damage occurs. For example, if a guest slips and falls on the dance floor or if a fire accidentally starts, wedding insurance can help cover the costs associated with these incidents. This liability coverage is particularly important.


One of the primary reasons to get wedding insurance is to safeguard your financial investment. Planning a wedding can be expensive, with costs for the venue, catering, photography, attire, and more quickly adding up. Wedding insurance can help cover these expenses if unforeseen circumstances force you to cancel or postpone your event. For example, if a hurricane or other natural disaster damages your venue, wedding insurance can help recoup the costs you've already spent and assist in finding an alternative location. Similarly, if a family emergency or illness forces you to reschedule, wedding insurance can provide financial support.

NOTE: I personally recommend covering your wedding fully with both insurances.

Vendor Issues

Another significant reason to get wedding insurance is to protect yourself from vendor issues. Even with careful planning and vetting, vendors may not always meet your expectations or fulfill their contractual obligations. Wedding insurance can cover many instances where a vendor fails to deliver their services, such as a photographer not showing up, for example. Wedding insurance can help cover the costs of hiring a last-minute replacement or recovering any deposits paid to the original vendor.

Personal Property Protection

Your wedding day is filled with precious items, from your wedding attire to the gifts you receive from your loved ones. Wedding insurance can help protect these valuable possessions in case of theft, damage, or loss. For instance, if your wedding dress gets damaged during transit or your gifts are stolen from the reception, wedding insurance can help cover the costs of replacement or repair.

What will it cost?

On average the cost of general liability and cancellation insurance together may be anywhere from $200-500

When should you purchase it?

The sooner you get it, the better. It will not cover pre-existing circumstances, so if you put the deposit on a venue on Thursday and it floods on Friday but you planned to get insurance on Saturday, your policy won't cover it.

Peace of Mind

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, wedding insurance provides peace of mind during the planning process and on the big day itself. Knowing that you're protected from unforeseen circumstances can help alleviate stress, allowing you to focus on enjoying your special day. It's an investment in your peace of mind, ensuring that you're prepared for any unexpected events that might come your way.

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