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Claire and Frank's Cultural Wedding at the Lakehouse at Bulow

Claire and Frank rejoiced in their union surrounded by the breathtaking beauty and bountiful splendor of a picturesque lakeside. Their special day was a vibrant mosaic of cultural heritage and time-honored traditions, adorned with the resplendent hues of Autumn. The couple sought to celebrate the harmonious union of two unique cultures – Asian and African American heritage.

Their esteemed guests enjoyed the mesmerizing performance of a traditional Lion Dance, immersing them in a world of cultural mystique. As the celebration continued, they were also delighted to learn and embrace the rhythmic movements of traditional African dance. The evening was a heartfelt testament to the power of love and the beauty of embracing diversity, as two distinct worlds seamlessly melded into one unforgettable experience.

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Bridal party

Wedding details

Bugundy Wedding Cake

Groomsmen love

Brackish tie

Boho Wedding Altar

Bride with mom and Maid of Honor

Boho Wedding Reception decor

Boho wedding centerpeices

Multicultural Wedding party

Lion dancer at a wedding

African dancers at a wedding

Bride with flower crown and groom


Designer: Get Set Events

Florist: OK Florist


Cake/Desserts: Cakes by Kasarda

Lion Dancers: Master Studios

African Dancers: Wona Womalan

Rentals: Eventworks

Photobooth: Little White Box

Wedding at the Lakehouse at Bulow 1

Wedding at the Lakehouse at Bulow 2


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