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How to Remain Stress Free While Wedding Dress Shopping

Most brides go dress shopping fully expecting this to be a fun and exciting experience, however, many brides leave the bridal boutique more stressed than ever for a number of reasons. Here is how you can avoid certain stressors while dress shopping.

Bride dress shopping

1. Research Boutiques that Serve your Budget

If you have a lower budget in mind, then it may not be a good idea to schedule an appointment with a high end shop. Research the boutiques you are most interested in to find out how much their dresses are on average. If the information can't be found on the shop's website try looking up the designer brands they carry in their shop to see what the typical prices of their gowns are. You can check reviews and you could even try giving them a call for more information.

2. Research Gown Types and Styles

Use Instagram and Pinterest to find a selection of gowns you like. Don't be shy; collect a bunch of photos. Chances are there may be a common type or style found between them. For example, maybe a lot of them have a common shape or maybe they are all adorned with lace. This will help to give you some direction for when you do visit a bridal shop. That said remember to also be open minded. Don't be so set on a particular gown that you are unwilling to try a gown that doesn't necessarily check every box. You may find the gown you never new you'd love.

3. Choose Your Tribe Wisely

This is crucial! These do not necessarily have to be your wedding party members or your mother. We recommend you invite no more than 2 or 3 guests. Only invite those who are essentially positive people and those who can truly be selfless and make it completely about you and what you want. Everyone should be 100% clear on the fact that this should be an uplifting experience for you. Leave bad vibes, pessimism, and negativity at the door. And if all else fails, we have had a number of brides who report having a great experience shopping for their dresses alone.

4. Remember the Climate

Make sure to choose a gown that is fitting to the climate of when and where your wedding will take place. Long sleeves in Summer may not be the best idea.

5. Take Pictures

Take pictures of your favorite gowns to remember what you liked about each one until you find "the one."

6. Get an Estimated Time for Delivery

This is so important. You will want to make sure you have ample time to have the dress fitted if necessary. If the dress must be imported, it may take some time longer than usual as well. Be sure to get an estimated time for delivery and follow up with your bridal shop as the date draws nearer.

Need more wedding planning advice and tips? We'd love to help! That Spark Events is a wedding planner in Charleston, SC who would love to hear from you. We plan weddings in Charleston, Savannah, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Destinations Worldwide. Inquire with us today!

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