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Cassie and David's Intimate Destination Wedding at Lowndes Grove

Love remains unyielding! No pandemic or downpour could diminish the perfection of this magical day. Cassie and David were resolute in their desire to celebrate their union in the enchanting city of Charleston, SC. Thus, with unwavering determination, they orchestrated their nuptials from the distance of West Virginia.

Initially, the relentless COVID-19 pandemic compelled them to defer their momentous occasion, only to be followed by the need to execute their contingency plan for rain on the wedding day itself. Yet, despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges, the devoted team at Lowndes Grove and the couple's chosen vendors seamlessly joined forces to craft an event that surpassed their wildest dreams. The outcome was a truly flawless day, strengthened and elevated by the indomitable power of LOVE.


Tent Draping: Tanis J Events

Tenting and Chandelier: Snyder Events

Guitar Music: Gregory Guay


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