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LaSeaun and Daquan's Fairytale Wedding

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, a couple embarked on a whimsical quest to create a wedding that would rival Cinderella's ball. A Disney-inspired fête was their heart's desire, with elegance and enchanting touches sprinkled throughout. And, of course, PINK! Every shade imaginable graced this magical day.

Yet, as enchanting as the décor was, nothing could outshine the true love story unfolding before our eyes. Amidst a lush garden of roses and verdant foliage, LeSeaun and Daquan exchanged vows, their love transcending even the most captivating of fairytales.

With tables adorned in princess carriage table numbers and rose gold accents that sparkled like pixie dust, the stage was set for a celebration fit for royalty. Yet, even in this resplendent setting, it was the beaming couple that illuminated the day, casting a warm glow over every guest.

In this enchanting tale, LeSeaun and Daquan proved that true love does indeed exist, and with a wave of their fairy godmother's wand, they embarked on their journey to happily ever after.


Caterer: Summerville Country Club

Videographer: Razor Photography

Rentals: A Tailor Made Event

Cake/Dessert: JJ's Bakery

Florist: Lowcountry Blooms

Photobooth: Pic Me Photo Fun


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