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Kaylee and Blake's Classic Wedding at the Conservatory at Magnolia Plantation

Enchanting and heartfelt, Kaylee and Blake's love story unfolded amidst a lush garden adorned with exotic flora at the picturesque Conservatory of Magnolia Plantation. Their special day was brimming with intricate details, each one telling a story of its own. A touching tribute to Kaylee's grandfather was delicately woven into her gown, with a cherished piece of his favorite flannel shirt crafted into a heart shape and seamlessly stitched onto the fabric.

But the magic didn't end there; the couple found a heartwarming way to include their beloved fur-babies in the celebration, making it all the more unforgettable. Kaylee and Blake's wedding was a true reflection of their love, as every moment was filled with romance, intimacy, and the undeniable beauty of two souls coming together. This enchanting day will forever be etched in the memories of those who were fortunate enough to bear witness to their love.

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Bridesmaids at Magnolia Plantation
Wedding Details

Green Wedding invitation

Bridal Gown
Bride getting ready
Dog Cake topper
Bridal party champagne shower
Brides lacey gown
Bridal shoes
Ceremony Recessional


Rentals: C&C Rentals

Wedding at Magnolia Plantation


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